SOAZ - Stichting Onderzoek en Advies Zorg
RACE - Research and Advice in Care of Elderly

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The Foundation Stichting Onderzoek en Advies Zorg (SOAZ), in English Research and Advice in Care of Elderly (RACE), is a Netherlands foundation started in 1988 by a group of university researchers and operates within the Dutch legislation.



The objectives of the foundation are to develop and implement innovation in health care through research, advice and coordination. It is a not-for-profit organisation and works on project-base together with the Universities of Groningen and Maastricht in the Netherlands and with Universities abroad (Austria, Croatia, India, Romania, Slovakia), based on concrete projects.

The foundation executes and has executed varies projects. Projects and activities include:

- scientific and applied research,

- programming new (research) activities in the care field,

- executing European projects,

- expertise development and conference planning.

Projects are executed for health care organisations, research institutes, professional groups and ministries, nationally and internationally..